Nadia Fankhauser

Players Profile


Name: Nadia Fankhauser

Date of Birth: 09. Juli 1993

Place of Birth: Burgdorf / BE

Gender: female

Height: 1.69m

Education: Businesswoman / Masseur

Profession: Badminton Player

Hobbies: listen to Music, play Guitar, Meet Friends

Goals short-term: Top 30

Medium-term: Top 25

Long-term: Olympic and Top 25

Begin of the career: Badminton Club Burgdorf with 12 years

Actuell Club: Badminton Club Zürich

Coach: Donovan Cuntapay

Disziplin: Single / Double

The beginning

From the age of 5 I started dancing Rock and Roll. After that I tried out various other sports suchs as Volleybal. At the age of 11 I discovered, through my older brother, badminton. After the first few trainingsessions I realized that I was very passionated about this sport. My fascination for the sport was definitely the speed and variation within the game.

After a short period of intense Training in my hometown club I got a invitation to join the Bern-regional squad by Bettina Villars (Bern-Regional trainer and U15 national coach). I played a lot of national ranking tournaments and brought good results. Thanks to my good performance I was selected into the national team. From that point on, I was aware that I wanted to pursue to be a professional in my sport! It is clear to me that I have to invest a lot more and to train harder to reach my goals but I`m always enjoying it!

Sports school

Through my determination I ventured a step away from home. At 14, I left my parents house in Burgdorf and attended the sports school Appenzellerland. Because of the new invironment of the sports school, I became fully excited and motivated. Every day I completed 2 training sessions at 2 hours. I had a very few spare time, but I enjoyed the hours in the hall. After each training session I was aware of what I've improved everytime.

For the three years that I have been at the sports school Appenzellerland, I was able to become much stronger. My self-discipline , attitude, commitment and desire had changed my whole attitude to topsport, I have learned a lot. However, it was time for another change, this took me back to my hometown.

Cuntapay Badminton Academy

Since 15 August 2011, I am a faithful member of the Cuntapay Badminton Academy in Worblaufen. The great training, as well as the super sparring that I had in this period, is fascinating. I had the priviledge to train and play with the worlds best players which the academy is cooperating with. Players like Tan Bin Shen from Malaysia, Sanatasya Saniru, . A daily routine is training with a lot of different inspirations. Our Training is consious and aware that we are learning things we use in our matches and even in daily life. The academy has become one family. Although we have much fun in our training sessions, we always keep our focus on our goals by holding on to these rules:

Trust yourself

Break some rules

Don`t be afraid to fail

Don`t listen to the naysayers

Work as hard as hell

Give something back

The Cuntapay Badminton Academy is professional institution for Future High Performance players and the training is perfect for me! Thank you Coach Don for supporting me so much!