Cuntapay Badminton Academy

The aim of the Academy is young and talented badminton athletes and -athletinnen as high as possible at the international level of play of the European but also to bring the world's best and to offer young talent in a professional setting .




I got a new Sponsor and it is Yonex. They support me in everything. The best Badminton Brand who will support me I am so thankful.

Thank you so much Yonex Switzerland



Zbinden Apotheke:


The pharmacist, Thomas Zbinden told me the following: "Young, talented people who make their talents to the profession and move into self-employment, earn my highest respect. You Nadia, as a professional badminton player, count them, and I like to support you in this courageous path. I wish you every possible success here.

Thomas Zbinden, pharmacists in Burgdorf "

Personal Coach Nicole Turtschi

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Nicole hat gerade erst Angefangen. Jedoch freue ich riesig darüber. Hier ihr  Wort: Ich finde, man sollte aus jedem Talent stets das Maximum rausholen können. Mit der richtigen Ernährung/Training/Psyche etc. trage ich auch einen Teil dazu bei. :)